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PingPronto, Inc. will provide you with opportunities to market yourself via its website, its services, its outreaches to employers and engaging contractors, and by exposure to third-party recruiters.

Success Fee: Success Fee:  In exchange for these opportunities and exposures, and in the event I were to elect to accept employment with an employer or engagement as a contractor by an individual or entity to whom these efforts were directed, I agree that I will pay a fee ("Success Fee") to PingPronto, Inc. in the amount of 10% of my first-year base compensation. I will pay the Success Fee prorated equally over 12 months, i.e., 1/12, at the end of each month of continued employment for the first year. I further agree that I will notify PingPronto, Inc. within seven days of accepting employment of my start date and base compensation. If I do not so notify PingPronto, Inc. within one month of my start date, then I agree that the Success Fee will increase to 15% of my first-year base compensation. Base compensation for these purposes, in the case of employment, excludes overtime, commissions, and bonuses paid at the discretion of the employer. Base compensation for these purposes, in the case of engagement as an independent contractor, means the compensation (excluding reimbursements) for the respective monthly period, i.e., 10% of the compensation due for the month.