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This course was designed to share unconventional tips in the job search process, especially to those from non-target schools & non-traditional backgrounds. This course comes with lifetime access and is constantly updated to stay relevant to recruiting processes of Fortune 500 companies.

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Included in the course:

How to find your dream job and passion

Resume tips to beat the ATS and pass the recruiter "6 second test"

Our proven job search strategies that helped us land jobs at Snap, Google, Cisco, Lucid, and more

Proven formulas to make your LinkedIn stand out to recruiters

Ready to use templates to build genuine connections with recruiters and hiring managers

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“Pingpronto helped me dive in and really think about my resume. They helped think about how to create xyz details of my recent work experience and how it is relevant to the jobs I was applying to. We went through and reviewed what should be on the resume and what was no longer relevant. It was also great to have another set of eyes on there for small grammar and spelling mistakes along with the formatting.”

Thomas Boharsik

“Pingpronto took my unique background that blends military and technology consulting together. I wanted to break out into Big Tech - specifically with a strategic focused role - and Pingpronto delivered many times over. The resume was a key reason in being considered by a hiring manager for the role I have today despite steep competition. Pingpronto's approach made me feel as a military vet that my voice and brand could be understood.”

Camille Duckett

"Pingpronto showed me how to connect and message recruiters and employees on LinkedIn. Before applying, I networked with several employees who worked at the company who had graduated from my university. Additionally, I was able to connect with my LinkedIn recruiter before the internship application went live. When the application launched, I received a referral from a member of my network. Ultimately, I was very fortunate to receive an offer and am so excited for the upcoming summer, and this is all thanks to Pingpronto!”

Josh Jurgenson

"I followed Pingpronto's advice about networking messages to land the interview at Toast. Then the advice on how to interview and ask proper questions helped a ton! I also used the resume rewrite and I believe my updated resume along with the other factors are 100% the reason I landed the Job at Toast!"

Sara O'Connor

"The resume I got from Pingpronto services really boosted my confidence. I didn't realize how sad my old resume was. With my old resume, I would've been embarrassed to even apply. My new resume made me say, "Hell yeah, I'm qualified, I'm a rock star, gimme this job and pay me more!" I doubled my salary and moved to a bigger metro area where there's more opportunity."

Testimonial Person

"I had been laid off and a fairly new graduate. Pingpronto kept my hopes up, kept me inspired, and constantly gave advice on every platform. Having followed them on each of them, allowed me to always be reminded that everyone is going through the same job hunting as you and that it's normal to feel down. The live sessions gave me VALUABLE information that people can easily charge tons of money for but with the Pingpronto's team and its passion, they put people first and offered advice without hesitation. They edited my resume and I landed a job at Tesla and more opportunities!"

Testimonial Person

“It was in the middle of the pandemic when I decided to take help from Pingpronto for my job search. Pingpronto helped me with my resume and gave me guidance on Job Search strategies. All I had to do was follow them and have patience. Not only that, the Pingpronto Team proved to be a strong pillar of support throughout my journey. Job search can wear you out, but with the right people beside you, it can turn into an enjoyable rollercoaster ride. Thank you Pingpronto for your help!”

Jonathan Budning

"Pingpronto really tailored my resume, highlighted my strengths. They added a lot of metrics and facts into my resume and made my achievements sound more substantial. I was offered many interviews at large corporations and eventually landed a job at Yelp!"


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